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Character The Foundation Of Leadership - Br. Abdul Basit Syed

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Published: 10 February 2016 (2 years ago)
Author: ICNA

One of the most famous statements about Leadership was by Abu Bakar (RA), the first person to lead the Muslim community after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). In his first address as Khalifa – or head of the Islamic state – he told his audience “I have been chosen to rule over you, though I am not the best among you. Help me if I am right; correct me if I am wrong. The weak among you will be strong until I have attained for him his due… and the strong among you will be weak until I have made him give what he owes…Obey me as long as I obey Allah and His prophet; if I do not obey them, you owe me no obedience”. This is a remarkable statement for any leader to make. It defines the social contract that a leader has with his people. It shows character, engagement, communication and standards of self limits on authority and knowing your place. There is a lot of wisdom to be had from the above statement.

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