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Bawal Bengali Full Movie Arjun Chakrabarty Ritabhari Chakraborty

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Published: 26 July 2017 (5 months ago)
Author: RDC Bangla Movie

Watch Bawal is an Indian Bengali comedy-drama film released on June 12, 2015, directed by a civil-engineer Biswaroop Biswas Starring Arjun Chakrabarty, Ritabhari Chakraborty, Saayoni Ghosh in Lead Roles. As a Director Bawal is Biswaroop Biswas's debut film.Bawal is a Bengali Film on comedy of errors

The film steers through comedy, love, and emotions. You may call Love Triangle. Jishu (The lead actor) falls in love with Subhasree but as the story goes their love story faces a crisis. As Subhashree's two elder brothers are very protective of her. Since Subhashree lost her mother, her brother took care of her. Jishu came up with a plan that he thinks will turn the trick for him. He joins her brothers gang as the assistant. The movie is not only a comedy of errors type but also it has something more that will attract you...That's called True Love.

Subhashri and Jishu are in love with each other but there is a crisis. Subhashri’s two elder brothers are very protective of her. After Subhashri’s parents’ death they have taken care of her like their own daughter. They did not even marry so that they didn’t have to share their love. Jishu makes a plan pacify Subhashri’s brothers by joining them as their assistants in work Also this would allow him to be closer to Subhashri. Jishu gets into the good books of both but not enough to ask Subhshri’s hand in marriage. Jishu and Subhashri decide that they should run away and get married and once they get married the brothers won’t be able to do anything about it. Jishu asks Subhashri to stand at the bus stand in Burkha with a rose in her hand and Jishu will make sure to come and pick her from there.

Jishu frames a story to the brothers that he is in love with some other girl. But her family members object to it because of religious differences. And will kill both him and the girl in the name of honour killing. As Jishu has no one other than them, he needs their help urgently. They have to wait in the bazaar in disguise (in separate locations) and pick his girl friend who will be wearing a Burkha holding a rose in her hand. After they pick the girl, they have to call Jishu to inform this. Jishu comes to the market to check that the two brothers are waiting there in disguise. Jishu leaves and goes to the bus stop. He calls a taxi and drags Subhashri holding her hand in the taxi.

He finds that two big cars are following them. To his shock he finds the girl beside him draws the Burkha cover from her face and it is not Subhashri. This girl is Nusrat and she is the sister of the two most infamous Don’s of the city. Jishu is now in trouble as he has eloped with the wrong girl. What follows next is comedy of errors. Will Jishu be able to get the love of his life? Will the two brothers agree to wed their only sister with a looser? Will the Don’s spare Jishu for touching and kidnapping their sister? The story unfolds a lot of fun and BAWAL.

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