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I Wanna Wear A Crop Top Song

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Published: 27 April 2017 (1 year ago)
Author: Doug Armstrong

Should guys be able to wear crop tops? I SAY YES! So I wrote this song ;) ➨ Thumbs up?
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I wanna wear a crop top
But gender roles dictate
If I wear a crop top
I'll get lots of hate
Tank tops are fine, so where is the line, that I can cut my fabric to?
So show me the seem that in 2017 is allowed to be worn by a guy
A crop that's made for a guy
Would be awesome I'm not gonna lie
So make me a crop top or I'll take my top off
A crop top that's made for a guy

Hey fashion where have you been
Make me a crop top so my abs can be seen
Screw the designers, I'll set rules on fire
And make a crop top for a guy
Gonna be awesome, not gonna lie

One rule for guys, another for girls
It doesn't make sense in our gender neutral world
So guys get ready to show off your belly
Cuz crops tops ain't only for girls
So go on, give it a whirl!

I remember a time when it wasn't fine, picture this scene from 2016:
"Hey weirdo just cover up, that thing that wearing it ain't enough. Put something on, or I'm gonna vom! You know crop tops are only for girls. What your wearing ain't fit for this world."

But thankfully that's just a bad dream
From a place far away in a land I ain't been
We've come a long way since then
Those days of a line between women & men
Now crop tops are for everyone,
So come on let's have some fun!

Crop tops are for everyone!
Come on let's have some fun.
Cut off your top, and you'll look frikin hot
Cuz crop tops are for everyone
Go on, why not try one?
A reason to show off your tum
It's a hell of a lot of fun
Yeh crop tops are for everyone

If someone ever says anything
You've got my permission
To break into dance and sing
Cuz that's the only way they'll listen
Cuz in 2017
It's the year to be free
Wear what you wanna wear
Dont let them think you care
Don't let them steal your fun
Cuz crop tops are for everyone
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