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Koreos Seventeenblackpinkbts Exhibition Performance K-factor 2018

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Duration: 6min 57sec
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Published: 26 May 2018 (16 hours ago)
Author: Koreos UCLA

We've been working on this performance set for 3 months and we hope you enjoy it!

SNAPCHAT: @koreosucla
DOUYINๆŠ–้Ÿณ: @koreosucla
Bilibili: KoreosUCLA

Beginning production in December 2014, Koreos is a UCLA-based K-Pop dance cover team made up of members who each bring their own diverse and unique flavors. Koreos unites these flavorful individuals under one family who, with their passions for K-Pop and dance, create dance covers and compete in cover dance festivals to share their love with fellow K-Pop fans around the world ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ’ž

Ellen Min (Advisor) Instagram: @ellenmint_
Susie Shu (Co-Director) @susiemeoww
Jing Huang (Co-Director) @jing.h
Annie Joo (Dance Assistant) @ennnyaaaa
Bobni Das (Analytics Manager) @bobnid
Joyce Huang (Social Chair) @joicebox
Kevin Jin (Producer) @keevvinnjin
Kris Espinosa (Social Media Specialist)
Sarah Chi (Post-Production Supervisor) @hyokyungchi
Tanya Nguyen (External Relations) @tanya_ism

Boris Law @notrealboris
Bao Vu @baovu0227
Brian Li @briankevli
Catherine Ding @kittyseline
Cindy Gu @cindy_gu @cindygu_tv
Cynthia Yin @c.yin7
Dan Lee @donguniee
Genesis Mangcucang @kiwonjay
Hans Peschel @hanspeschel
Jason Hong @jasonhong1998
Jessi Kwong @jessixjj
Johnson Chang @johnson_9702 @scheng.22
Justin Tran @trnjstn_
Kylie Lenox @kykyyss
Lindon Tran @lindon.tran
Mars Bruce Chen @marsehole
Michelle Liu @michellelliu
Reggie Huang @regulusreggie

Edited by:
Annie Joo @ennnyaaaa
Susie Shu @susiemeoww

This video is used only for entertainment purposes. We do not own any of the music or choreography.
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