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Gabroo Gulab Wargey East Coast Showdown 2018

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Published: 16 May 2018 (1 week ago)
Author: Harjot Hundal

Representing Northern California, this is Gabroo Gulab Wargey performing at East Coast Showdown 2018.


Team Info:
Name: Gabroo Gulab Wargey
City/Country: Northern California, USA

Show info:
Name: East Coast Showdown 2018
Location: The Paramount Theater of Charlottesville
City/Country: Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
Date: February 3 2018

Red : Dee Brar & Daljeet Badesha
Teal : Mohit Kohli & Gurnaaz Randawha
Blue : Prabhjot Mann & Tej Mahil
Yellow : Samraaj Bath & Gurpreet Atwal
Orange : Kirat Brar & Harry Parmar
Green : Harkamal Dhaliwal & Balreet Singh
Mix: Puneet Pabla



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