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Game Of Budget Cuts Game Of Thrones Parody

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Duration: 3min 48sec
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Published: 28 June 2017 (11 months ago)
Author: Deerstalker Pictures

Last year a local distributor held a film competition about the effect that piracy has on the film & television industry (fun fact: there are many reports that it actually helps boost ticket sales because it creates word of mouth, but of course the distributor didn't want to hear that). For our entry, we decided to reimagine one of the most pirated TV shows as a low budget series. We didn't win the competition. But now that Season 7 is about to be released we thought we'd share our video anyway!

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► Jon Snow: That Guy From That Game []
► Daenerys Targaryen: Taffles []
► Drogon: Zeek
► Jaime: Sparta Cosplay
► Cersei: Arleh []
► Joffrey: Alita []
► Oberyn: Kendall Drury []
► Arya: Dashy []
► Jaqen H'ghar: Technotropism []

Written by Elliot Ryan
Directed by Elliot Ryan
Cinematography by Goldie Soetianto
Editing & VFX by Elliot Ryan
Colour Grade by Goldie Soetianto
3D Models Rigged by Reuben Jurott
BTS: Andy Diep, Elliot Ryan

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