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Michał Gutkowski - Ostry Original Mix

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Published: 07 November 2017 (7 months ago)
Author: LUZZTRO Records

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Silence is the most powerful scream
See, You on the other side.

Luzztro is a music club located in a prime location, which is in the center of Warsaw, created with passion and an amazing atmosphere, where two stages are dominated by techno, tech house Deep, minimal etc.
Luzztro is known among the Warsaw club stages for appearances of Polish and international DJs who often just made their first steps just here and the famous afterparties, lasting up to the white dawn.
Luzztro is not only a unique music club in Warsaw. It is also an operating since 2015 independent record company - Luzztro Records - founded on the grounds of the need and passion of the owners - founders of the club - young people, best friends for years, working in the music industry for over 20 years, for whom music is simply everything, and who, all the time, have been looking for new and ambitious electronic sounds, absolutely not limited to what is already known. They focus mainly on such kinds of music that could be described as a deep house, house tech, future, techno, and minimal, but this does not mean that they do not like to experiment.
"Music is part of our lives, the mode of thinking and at the same time a way to escape from gray reality of everyday life. Plunge into the atmospheric sounds associated with an even and quite heavy beat, relax the body and mind, setting off on a journey of magic and sometimes dark technology sounds of electronic music, slowly wiping parquet surfaces in the black halls in various clubs of the world. This is music is for us."

The activities of Luzztro Records deserve special attention also because it does not put on commercialism. In times when other small publishing houses limit their activities, and large publishers, the so-called majors, are searching only for artists with commercial potential, Luzztro Records does not limit itself. Primarily it focuses on quality of performance and artistic potential of performers. Most of the artists who have established cooperation with Luzztro Records are uncompromising musicians, who in many cases would not have a chance to make their albums elsewhere. And here again there are no clear guidelines, as like the club, the record company is divided into two rooms, two different climates - more technical sounds, refined and sophisticated, but also titles that reach a wider audience. It is important that among the artists issued by the record company there are many formations that made their first steps on the stage of Luzztro club, and today can boast of great music achievements.
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