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Songs For May- Indie Folk- Spring Playlist 2018

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Published: 26 April 2018 (3 weeks ago)
Author: Mr. Foxx Frequency

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**All song titles, times, and artist names listed in the description below **

0:00- Belle Mt- “Made To Find You ”
3:29- Tomo Nakayama- “Darkest of Seasons”
6:51- Thomas Hien & Scott Chesak -"Crazy Beautiful Life"
9:48-Anthony Damato- “If It Don't Work Out”
12:53- Dan Griffin- "Stars and Satellites”
15:43- Patrick Park- “Here We Are” Sam Moss- “Neon”
23:15- The Boy and His Dog- “I'd Be a Fool”
26:49-Josh Garrels- “Benediction”
30:58- Christian Carcamo- “Closer To You”
34:25- Jordan Klassen- “No Salesman”
39:14- Ciaran Lavery- “To Chicago”
42:48- Cedar House- “Let You Down”
46:32- Eduard Frolov EFG- "Circlet Of Pines"
50:14- Winter People- “Wishingbone”
53:27- Larch- “Moonstruck”
56:07- Steven Mcnamara - "Turn Around"
59:50- PJG- “The Road”
1:03:53-Nicole Duquette “Rise Above”
1:08:20- Ian Roland- “The Valley”
1:12:12- “The Tallest Man On Earth- Somewhere In The Mountains, Somewhere in New York”

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Second photo by Tobi-

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