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Top 6 Promo Video Ideas 2018

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Published: 13 January 2018 (4 days ago)
Author: Stephen Mills

Top 6 Promotional Video Ideas for 2018


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The internet marketing space keeps a-changing… Almost every day there is a new platform with new forms of communication.

In 2018 video will be taking centre stage in most online marketing campaigns.Thats why I created this video…

To keep you at the cutting edge with the top 6 promotional video ideas for 2018!

I share some new types of promotional videos as well as some evolutions to old classics.

Lets check them out

🎬Promo Video Idea #1🎬
Square Facebook Video. These are the meme looking videos with the text at the top and the bottom. They get fantastic engagement which gets your market watching and keeps the campaign costs down. I have spoken to some marketers who have taken lead costs from $10-$15 per lead down to just $1 using these videos.

Check out the tutorials I have on making meme style videos here:

🎬Promo Video Idea #2🎬
The Video Sales Letter is here to stay… But the ugly VSL will be getting a new look this year… Check out the video for the details

🎬Promo Video Idea #3🎬
Testimonial Style promotional Video
Testimonials are one of the most powerful sales drivers known to marketers. Video testimonials are the holy grail of testimonials… the can’t be faked, they tell a real story and they contextualise the real world value of your product.

🎬Promo Video Idea #4🎬
Story Style Promo Video
Stories overcome our critical mind and tape into your viewers emotions and will remain a favourite way of selling. The format and style of stories will continue to to evolve with the new platforms though.

🎬Promo Video Idea #5🎬
How to/demo style promotional video
Let potential customers see how your product works and let them imaging you product in their hands with the classic how to / demo video.

🎬 Promo Video Idea #6 🎬
Trailer style promo video.
These are not relevant for everyone but for product launches they can work amazingly!

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