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【音andme’16r1】realism【the Royal Family】

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Duration: 4min 49sec
Definition: HD
Published: 11 December 2016 (1 year ago)
Author: T.R.F.

Please watch it in HD because we suffered from the 60fps.

♔ Theme Interpretation ♔

Past. This is the story of the past lives of our characters; it depicts how we cannot escape the cruel grip of fate and that all we can do is let it run its bloody course. Who knows what the future has in store?

♔ Story ♔

Princess Lilliana was excited to introduce her boyfriend, Lord Yuzuru to her five other sisters, but things didn’t go as planned. Yuzuru’s irresistible looks and charm caused each of the princesses to fall in love with him at first sight and want to have him as her own. However, the lord’s love for Lilliana was too strong so the only way to win his heart was to get rid of her. After some thought, Arthmael, Verity, and Gaea decided to protect their sister because they loved her and cherished all their memories together. Gwendolyn and Antoinette, on the other hand, decided that Yuzuru should belong to them and them alone. What will happen next? What will fate decide for our characters?

♔ Script:
♔ Final Mix:
♔ Acapella:
♔ Video Mirror:

♔ Credits ♔

Song: Realism
Composer: Mish-Mosh
Arrangement: Ookubo Kaoru
Lyrics: ELISA

♔ Vocalists (order of appearance) ♔

♔ Mixers ♔
Gwendolyn (tune)
Lilliana (time and mix)

♔ Artists ♔

♔ Animators ♔
Victoria (intro and still image)
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