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If Undertale Was Realistic 16

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Duration: 13min 1sec
Definition: HD
Published: 23 December 2017 (4 weeks ago)
Author: SmashBits Animations

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Funny Undertale Animation. 10+ Min long.
Watch if SMASH BROS was Realistic Episode 2 HERE:

Sarcastic Frisk explores the Underworld. He reacts in the most realistic way possible. This time, we do the route everybody kept requesting.

This was animated entirely and "Created using the Source® Filmmaker. © Valve 2016."


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Directed by SparkieGames

Writen by Dexter Manning

Exec. Producer Rick Jones

Casting and Mixing: Dexter Manning

Animated by:
Jared Dubois (SparkieGames)
Sam Spielberg
Draco Day
Crust Waters

Child - Dexter Manning
Flowey - DAGames Will
Toriel - DAGames Chloe
Talking rock - Cavemanfilms
Sans - DAGames Will
Papyrus - Dexter Manning
Undyne - Tiana Camacho
Weird kid - Arcanox
Spooky dummy - Dexter Manning
Temmie - AlyMew
Alphys - Tiana Camacho
Megaton - Dexter Manning
Muffet - Dexter Manning
Asgore - Arcanox


This project was created using Source Filmmaker and relied on numerous items from User Generated Content submitted to the Source Filmmaker Workshop. All submissions to the workshop automatically grants permission to use, and although explicit permission or credit was not needed, we are highly appreciative of the SFM community and took painstaking effort to credit all creations we've used appropriately. If we used your UGC submission and did not credit you or the content appropriately, please let us know through our contact form on so we can fix it.

Frisk by CGEyeGuy

Papyrus by Py-Bun

Sans by Py-Bun

Flowey by Shimiiy

Flowey by Martindragonrose

Toriel by Virn

Alphys by Pipann

Napstablok by Brewster T. Koopa

Dummy by *Falling*

Greater Dog by *Falling*

River Person by Komodothedunce

Your Best Nightmare by FissionMetroid101

Asgore’s Trident by Pipann


Lego Figure by NoldMser and 9joao6

Simple Heart by Arbiter1223

iPhone 5 by Pierre the Weed Man

Lens effects by YoshiPoand


Tem Shop by Spooccy, Estefanoida, and JackoTheBear

Snowdin Town by Walter

Space by Lazyneer

Original Cave by Squid Empire

Alphys Lab by Lily McFluffy Butt


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Music by EpidemicSound and AudioJungle:
"Midnight Club 1" - Andreas Jamsheree
"Bossa Nova Elevator Music" - BCrutchfield
"Cinematic Trailer Intro" - MartijndeBont
"Sexy" - CommercialMusic
"Grandissimo Intro" - freddiehangoler
"Saxophone Saturday Night" - vizion-studios


Special Thanks to our Patreon Patrons:
Alfread Khaneia
Justin Benavides
Isaac Harris
Zen Wallace
Trysten Rocchi
Deadman Studios
Michael Wadsworth


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