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How To Plan And Teach Workshops

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Published: 04 May 2017 (10 months ago)
Author: DrexFactor Poi

A detailed overview of planning, teaching, and refining workshops or classes to teach at a fire or flow festival. From developing lesson plans and best practices for teaching the workshop itself, I go into how to collect feedback on the workshop and using it to refine the workshop into the best version of itself it can be!

The process you'll want to go through looks like this:
1. Set no more than 3 goals for your workshop
2. Outline a lesson plan that supports and reinforces these goals
3. Try to keep the outline to 1 page or less
4. Anticipate bringing any extra resources you need with you

Once teaching the workshop, you'll want to consider the following:
1. Project your voice by talking to the back row of students
2. Keep your students both mentally and physically engaged
3. Whether you want to split your class by experience level (I prefer not to)

At the end of the class you'll want to:
1. Do a quick review of content covered to reinforce it for your students (ask them to pull out their cameras)
2. Collect feedback from your students on how the class went

In the longer term:
1. Revise your workshop based around the feedback you've collected
2. Take other instructors' workshops to learn from their teaching styles

My template feedback form can be found here:

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